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Kezdõoldal - BorKult - How do We Test?
How do we test?
We - the Debrecen Grand Jury - are doing blind tests in a group of three, every week. We are tasting three wines in these sessions. The prices are Hungarian retail prices, at which we bought our wines. We write small tasting notes to each wine and give points. We are testing Hungarian wines often together with foreign ones (mainly from Europe) to make a comparison. We would like to show, where Hungarian wines are, compared to the international market.

We are rating in a 100-points-system. The categories are:

90-100 An Outstanding wine, save it to the birth of your first child
80-89 Excellent wine, in the upper segment of the market - drink it with a friend seen long ago
70-79 Very good wine, leave it to holidays
60-69 Good wine, for everyday use
50-59 Not a bad wine, but not worth trying
Under 50 Bad wine, not recommended

The tasting notes reflect only our opinions, but maybe we can help You to choose a good Hungarian/Central-European wine!
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