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Spring Rosé test
The end of the fight against alcoholism
/2007-06-12/  << Nyomtatható verzió >>

In a restaurant, if we are not sure about the wine fitting to our food, or about the pricing of wine, let’s chose a rosé. It goes well to white and light red meats, also to vegetables and cheese, and on the top of all that the price/value ratio of rosé is very good.


1, Konyári Rosé 2006, Balaton, EUR 4


71 points


Remarkable colour for starting drinkers. A flower scent drink, with some spice in the nose. Acrid tannins, almost a shiller. Silky ending on a pleasant butter basis, peace, happiness. I like it ‘cause it long and sexy.


2, Sebestyén Rosé 2006, Szekszárd, EUR 4


70 points


Onion colour world. Strawberry shake scent. Intensive fruity start, it smoothes easy in the world of fine acids. A well structured drinking wine, not for the fight against alcoholism.


3, Tüske Rosé 2006, Szekszárd, EUR 4.5


70 points


A nice mallow colour. Fresh, reductive grape meat in the nose. CO2, grape fruit start, weak body, sunny ending. Round and light, like a beach ball. The only wine which shared us: points between 66 and 74.


4, Günzer Rosé 2006, Villány, EUR 5


68 points


Mature raspberry. Creamy strawberry and exotic fruits scent. A bit difficult taste, old fashioned perfume. Making old ladies drinking.


5, Bock Rosé 2006, Villány, EUR 5.5


67 points


Classic onion skin colour. Nut chocolate in the nose. Strong taste, but the internal bright is missing. A flower wine with good technology.


Date of test: 10.03.2007.

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