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2006 new wines
A promising start.
/2007-01-11/  << Nyomtatható verzió >>

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If the quality of a year can be estimated on the new wines, we expect 2006 in Hungary over the average.

1, GIA Portugieser 2006, Eger, EUR 5
74 points

A thick texture red, bizarre scent, “I am laying on the snow and two guys pull me” feeling world. Good to drink, well-balanced wine, mild fruits and cognac aromas. Not for serious wine tests but for chats.

2, St. Andrea Új Bor 2006, Eger, EUR 5

71 points

Foamy oil. Baby cream in the nose. Greenish but smiley taste, happy but uncertain vision. For garden works which can be done closed to the garden WC.

3, Dúzsi – Marci 2006, Szekszárd, EUR 4

65 points

Smutty drink, raw peanut scent. Unripe notes in its taste, blueberry tannins, short closing. A happy brain storming at New Year party.

Date of test: 23.12.2006.

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