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Chardonnay 2004 - English version
Cheeseburger and cellar tech
/2006-10-21/  << Nyomtatható verzió >>

Chardonnay test is an easy task, as it is really easy to collect the wines from the shelves. There is hardly any Hungarian winery who has no Chardonnay on the market. But the wines do not show the typical character, which would emerge over the international palette.

1, Szt. Kristóf Zamárdi Chardonnay 2004, Szt. Kristóf Winery, barrique technology

74 points

Greenish-yellow color. Flower nose and some hot pepper with barrique. If this wine could sing, it would be Diana Krall, singing warm contralto ballads. The goal was probably to make a popular wine for sweets-lovers. Its astonishing, but it was a success; its elegant, moderate and dignified all in all. Almost fatty aftertaste with parsley.

2, Anna Borház Hajósi Chardonnay 2004, József Gonda winemaker, controlled ecological farming, South-East Hungary, EUR 3.70

71 points

Spring green and oily. Thin, slightly sour, green apples taste and a bit of bathroom feeling with aloe vera bath foam. Juicy green apple-taste with long-long acids. Not too complex, but the balance is OK, and the structure is strainless. The aftertaste is herbal. A simple wine, good to drink. To evening conversations or bathes for two, maybe for both.

3, Pántlika Dörgicsei Chardonnay 2004, Pántlika Pincészet, Balaton Region, VI. Pannonian Wineparade TopWine, EUR 3.30

70 points

Greenish white color. Kohlrabi and hay nose, with some uncertainty. Mediterranean fruits with moderate acids – mild juice. Slightly dull, wide and creamy taste. Cream aftertaste, cotton wool feeling. To accompany cheeseburger.

4, Macon-Villages Chardonnay 2004, Bourgogne, AC Macon-Villages, SCV Lugny

69 points

Mirrory, yellow and white color and almost without fragrance. Slowly unfolding a bit of gooseberry. Quince taste with melilot and a bit of barrique. Morose and ornamental character. Ideal communion wine.

5, Monarchia Egri Chardonnay 2004, Dr. Pók Tamás, Eger, North-East Hungary, EUR 6.30

64 points

Almost white and oily move. Tight textured, concentrated industrial arts with sticky mood. This winemaking technique is concentrating on cellar technology. Bitterness versus extract sweet fruits. A bit dull, this wine.

Test date: 24. September 2006.

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